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Jackson Design has been helping companies, ad agencies and independent marketing professionals develop marketing materials for over eighteen years.

So, What is Jackson Design?

Jackson Design was started as a side business while working as a Graphic Designer in downtown Milwaukee. I continued doing projects on the side as an Art Director, and then stepped out on my own as a Freelance Designer. My background in Fine Art led me to pursue degrees in both Graphic Design and Web Development. I'm currently working toward a Masters Degree in Graphic Design so I can teach as well. Creativity is in my blood, and I love to express it through art, design and music.

Need a Jack of All Trades?

My career has led me into a lot of different mediums. I’ve done extensive work in print, visual identity, illustration, packaging, display and exhibits. I also design for the web, interactive, mobile, motion graphics, animation, presentations, email marketing, social media, video and outdoor. HTML5, CSS3, Javascript and PHP are the main programming languages I use for development. Bootstrap and jQuery are also utilized on a regular basis, as is Wordpress for those who need a content management system.

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